How do I create a new email address?
Add an email address in konsoleH (ie. create the email account on the server)

  1. Login to konsoleH
  2. Click Mail from the left-hand menu > Manage Accounts under Mail. The main window is where all your active email accounts and aliases will be displayed.
  3. Click New Mailbox to create a new mail account or New Mail Alias to create a new email alias.
  4. Insert the relevant information:
        • Username is the email address that you want to create.
        • Password should be a secure combination of letters and numbers - use the strength bar for guidance.
        • Verify Password by retyping it.
        • Forward is optional for mailboxes and compulsory for aliases – if you want to forward all incoming mail to an alternative address.
  5. Click Add.
How do I set up my email on Windows or Mac or Mobile Devices?
Should I set up my account as POP or IMAP?

POP vs IMAP – What’s the difference?

  • POP and IMAP are 2 methods/protocols to access email.
  • Do you use more than one device for email (e.g desktop & mobile)? Then IMAP is your best choice – but watch out for disk over–usage on your hosting account.
  • Do you download email to only one device e.g your computer? Then POP is an option.
  • If in doubt, use IMAP

Choose the correct incoming email protocol when setting up an email account:


Port 110 or 995 (SSL/TLS)

POP (Post Office Protocol) simply downloads email to your computer and then deletes the email from the server. If you access your email on more than one device (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone), your mailboxes will not synchronise.

Best uses for POP Accounts:

  • When disk usage on the server needs to be used sparingly.
  • When emails can be backed up locally on the device(s) and server backups are not as important.
  • When synchronisation of folders from the device to the server and with other devices is not a requirement.


  1. If you want to send and receive your emails through one device, a POP account is suitable.
  2. As emails are downloaded and usually removed from the server, you don’t risk disk over-usage charges on your hosting account.


  1. Data loss is possible if your computer is stolen or corrupted, as the mail is removed from the server.
  2. Synchronisation of sent emails is not possible. All emails in the sent folder need to be backed up locally.

If you don’t use IMAP but would like to store copies of incoming mails on the server, then set up your mail client to leave a copy of messages on the server.


Port 143 or 993 (SSL/TLS)

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is the most modern and widely used protocol, which can download AND upload (synchronise) data with the server whereas the POP protocol is a download-only protocol and thus will not be able to upload data to a server. IMAP can synchronise advanced permissions and other folders and is also able to distinguish between already read/opened mail from device to device.

Best uses for IMAP Accounts:

  • When you want to synchronise / mirror image your account emails and folders with the server and with other devices.
  • When the increased disk usage that this configuration will consume on the hosting server is not as much of a concern.
  • When reliance on our Backup system is more convenient than backing up the email account locally. (Kindly remember that the xneelo Backup System is not guaranteed).


  1. All email and folders are synchronised and stored on the server.
  2. Folder and file directories will appear the same way each time you set up the same account on a different device.
  3. You can switch between your email software and the xneelo Webmail interface at any time and the same emails should still reflect.
  4. If the data stored on your computer is corrupted, formatted or if your computer is stolen your emails will still be available on our server.


  1. Your disk usage on the server builds up quickly depending on the volume of emails received/sent.
  2. You will need to continuously remove unwanted emails to control server disk usage.
How do I access WebMail?

Access Webmail to read your email from any Internet-connected computer via a web browser. Webmail allows you to compose, reply and manage your email online.

Browse to Webmail on this link: https://webmail.konsoleh.co.za/login

How can I manage spam filtering?

With konsoleH’s Spam Filter tool it is possible to classify spam messages before they hit your inbox.
All incoming email messages are automatically scanned to determine if the message meets specially defined spam criteria. KonsoleH’s Spam Filter is built around a set of spam rules that have been carefully developed to provide you protection from spam while reducing the number of valid email messages that may be mistakenly categorised as spam, otherwise known as ‘False Positives’.

All incoming emails are evaluated against these spam rules and are assigned a ‘spam score’. This score determines whether the message will be classified as spam. For our standard filtering, the threshold is set at 5, meaning any message with a score of 5 or higher is classified as spam and is sent straight to the spambucket. You will need to make use of konsoleH’s Webmail facility to access your spambucket.

Once enabled, this intuitive Spam Filter can combat spam across all your mailboxes.

If you find that mail from specific addresses is incorrectly being marked as spam (known as a ‘false positive’, you can whitelist this address to ensure that it bypasses the spam filter. Similarly, you can specify that certain addresses are always sent to the spambucket by blacklisting these addresses. See Whitelist and blacklist email tools to find out how.

Why have certain emails not been received?

If you have not received a specific email, then check your spambucket/junk folder in your mail client, or via Webmail (https://webmail.konsoleh.co.za/login). It is possible that legitimate emails inadvertently get caught by the spamfilter.


Will my website look good on a mobile phone?

All our website designs are built in a responsive framework that will fit onto any screen size from any mobile device.

How do I send my large files through to you?

Large files can be sent for free via https://fromsmash.com/ or https://wetransfer.com/ where the transfer is fast, and no registration is required.

I don’t have any pictures for my website, can you source pictures for me?

Yes, we are able to source royalty-free stock photos for your website.

Can you make updates to my WordPress website which you didn’t build?

Yes. Although some WordPress platforms may be quite dated and therefore require extensive plugin or theme updates. Once our developers have taken a look at your WordPress site, we can revert with more information about what is required.

Where are you based?

We are a small team of dedicated individuals based in Johannesburg, however our target market for website and graphic design services extends both nationally and internationally.

Do you provide graphic design services?

Yes. We offer all graphic design services such as logo designs, email signatures, business cards, brochures, company profiles, and much more.

Can I have an online shop?

Yes. Online shops can be built into all our ecommerce websites where purchases will be linked to a payment gateway upon checkout. See here for more information.

How long have you been in business?

Since September 2001.

Can I make changes to my website myself?

Yes. All WordPress websites offer a Customer Management System (CMS) where you can update your own website at any time. We give admin WordPress CMS access to all our clients who would like to update their website themselves.

Do you offer email hosting?

Yes. We offer hosting of email addresses and provide different hosting packages to suit any sized company.

Can you transfer my domain from another hosting provider?

Yes. We can transfer your domain to our platform. Get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with the process and costs involved.

Do you host Wix websites?

No. Wix websites can only be hosted on the Wix platform. Wix do not offer email hosting though, so you can choose to host your domain and emails through us and keep your website hosted through Wix.

Do you offer email support?

Yes. We offer support for all email-related issues for accounts hosted on our mail servers. This is done via remote desktop using either AnyDesk or Team Viewer, where both apps are free to install.

How do I register a domain?

You can complete the domain registration form and once received, we’ll get in touch with you.

What are your operating hours?

We are open from 08:00 – 15:00 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. We close each year from around mid-December and re-open after New Year’s Day.

How much is a basic 4-page website?

Without hosting, a basic 4-page website costs R3500 ex VAT. With hosting for 12 months (1 year), it costs R4700 ex VAT. See here for more information.

How much is an ecommerce website?

Without hosting, an ecommerce website costs R7500 ex VAT. With hosting for 12 months (1 year), it costs R8700 ex VAT. See here for more information.

How much is a logo design?

We can design 2 logos for you, from which you can choose your preference. The cost is R2800 ex VAT. See here for more information.

How much is a business card design?

A professionally designed business card, taking your corporate identity into account, costs R700 ex VAT. See here for more information.

How much is a company profile design?

A 5-page professionally designed company profile costs R3200 ex VAT. See here for more information.

How much is a letterhead design?

A professionally designed Word format letterhead, with your corporate identity taken into account, costs R700 ex VAT. See here for more information.

How much is an email signature design?

A professionally designed email signature, taking your corporate identity into account, costs R700 ex VAT. See here for more information.

Do you do printing?

No. We are a design agency only.

Do you do SEO?

We do basic onsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) when a website goes live. If your requirements are more extensive, we can refer you to a company which specialises in SEO, Google Ads and Digital Marketing.

Can I be on top of Google?

This usually involves signing up for Google Ads. We can refer you to a specialist company which can provide more extensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services like Google Ads.

Can you set up my social media?

No, we don’t set up social media accounts, but can refer you to a company which specialises in Digital Marketing on all social media platforms.


  • KFrom R3,500 ex VAT
  • KFrom R7,500 ex VAT


  • KFrom R2,800 ex VAT
  • KFrom R800 ex VAT
  • KFrom R3,200 ex VAT
  • KFrom R1,600 ex VAT
  • KFrom R800 ex VAT
  • KFrom R800 ex VAT