How to find the best graphic design company to suit your brand

Are all graphic designers made equal? The short answer is no. Any good graphic designer that can create a visual concept, which effectively communicates the vision of your company, captivates consumers and builds trust, is not easy to find.

The simple truth is that design is subjective. It’s influenced by personal feelings, tastes or opinions and finding the right designer can be quite daunting. To find the best graphic design company, that best embodies your company’s brand and values, we’ve listed three main points to take into consideration:

How much experience do they have?
A graphic designer with a wealth of experience has the natural ability to bring instinct and intuition into every design created. This trait will distinguish them from a designer who is merely dabbling in design as a side-line hobby, or one who has only recently graduated. Choose someone who has been in business for some time.

Evaluate their portfolio
If you’re looking for a creative graphic designer, then one who can provide a full spectrum of services is the key. This shows versatility and their legitimacy as a designer. Most portfolios should showcase the designer’s best work, so another question to ask yourself is: does the portfolio provide quality over quantity?

What do YOU want your design to represent?
It’s very easy to ask the designer to come up with a design concept and then be disappointed with the result. Again, design is subjective. So to get the best result from the get-go, we suggest that you jot down your ideas, gather images or examples of what you like and don’t like. Include as much detail as possible when briefing the designer – even if it seems trivial. The more detail you can provide, the closer the end product will be to your initial ideas and conceptualisations. This exemplifies the difference between getting a design which you’re just okay with and one which you absolutely LOVE!

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